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Fresh Carolina Reaper Chillies (Bag of 5) - RED



Heat of Product : Extremely Hot

The Carolina Reaper has been measured at over 2 million scoville units and is the hottest chilli we currently grow. Take great care when chopping these chillies - gloves are advised. 

This chilli was given the 'hottest in the world' title in August, 2013 and was bred by the PuckerButt company in South Carolina, USA. Incredibly, the record for eating three of these fruits is just over 12 seconds! - we DO NOT recommend this!!

If you try these chillies, please leave comments (see review section below). We'd love to hear what you make of them.


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Extremly hot would defo order again very hot chilli burns mouth lips etc enjoy
I am kicking myself for not buying more of this before they ran out. I grew up eating scotch bonnets so I'm used to peppers. The aroma, taste and feel of this is bliss when used to make tomato stew which we use to eat boiled rice. I am Nigerian. love this peppers. In the meantime I now only use the dried ones which I also got from here for my cooking. There is only one other pepper that has the smell and taste of this pepper I have come across. they are called the miango peppers from Jos, Nigeria. 5*****. cant wait to buy again.
I have been eating a red hot relish I made with Strawberries, Garlic plus Caroline Reapers chopped into 1cm ribbons... sparingly in various rolls, sauces or main meals but once maybe twice a day. I must say I have felt this relish has been a great health boost. A wonderful fruity taste through the inevitable fire.
I made an awesome sauce with these Carolina Reapers which I adapted from an online recipe which paired these chillis with fresh strawberries!! ... I pre-made and reduced a sauce of 300g strawberries, fresh garlic, cyder vinegar, onion powder, brown sugar and lime juice, then put this base into a sterlised Kilner jar whilst still quite hot. Then I added in 2 x large chopped Carolina Reapers and stirred through... idea was they’d partially cook in the jar. Finding it hard not to add this sauce to everything at the moment... very hot but not insanely hot, but so nice when you get a little chunk of Reaper... lovely chillis!
FML. These are hot! I was always interested in how hot they were to the others. They arrived via courier. No issues except my arse the next day. Looked like the map at the beginning of Bonanza.
Reaper chilli came and wow they looked so amazing. I’m personally growing the peppers myself but the ones I purchased from Devon chilli farms were way way bigger and stronger them my reapers. Thank you
So got some of these, tried a tiny little bit just to get a feel for it. Well I have a fusion reactor running at full power in my gob and my eyes are bleeding internally :-) These are exactly what they say they are and taste amazing really fruity. Love it. Will be making a chilli tonight, cant wait.
received my order today, 10/10 excellent pepper. nice size and great flavour but good lord i was sweating through my eyelids.. MY EYELIDS. i didn't even know that was possible, that being said i cant wait experiment with them in some different meals and will definitely be ordering more
Great fruity taste to begin with then the heat kicks in! I can tolerate a fair bit of heat but these are in a league I’ve never experienced before but strangely you want to try them again....
Ordered 5 Reapers on a Sunday afternoon and they arrived Tuesday. All 5 peppers were fresh and firm. Used in a fermentation with some other chillies and it turned out great. Great service but most of all, the peppers were very very fresh and an excellent level of heat. Thank you.
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