Hungarian Hot Wax chillies

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Hungarian Hot Wax Chillies (4 fruits)



Heat of Product : Medium

Hungarian Hot Wax chillies are thick & fleshy fruits about 6 inches in length. They are ideal for chopping finely into salads, stuffing with cheese or grilling. Normally available Mid July to the end of November.

Recipe: Just grill, BBQ or fry with a little oil. Turn to roast the pepper on all sides. Serve hot or hold as a side veg. Watch out for the top (seed end) inch or so - that's were most of the heat is. Tastes similar to sweetcorn. Great for BBQs.


Weight:  Fruits are approximately 170g

Flavour: Sweetcorn (especially when grilled/BBQed)

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We were looking for large jalapeños to stuff like we'd eaten in the States but couldn't find any in the supermarkets. These chillies were absolutely perfect! Hot enough to give a real kick but not ridiculously so and large enough to fill with cream cheese. They arrived today and we've already eaten half of them!
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