Mixed Habanero chillies

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Mixed Habaneros (100g)



Heat of Product : Very Hot

100g Mixed Habaneros (a mixture of Big Sun, Caribbean Red, and Paper Lantern, Red Habaneros and Scotch Bonnets).

100g is approximately 14 fruits.

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My bag in 2017 contained:

5x paper lanterns
4x chocolate habs
3x red habs
1x big sun hag

A good mix again! Perfect for freezing & making hot sauce as & when.
Great selection of habaneros

The habaneros weighed 110 gram and consisted of

4 red habaneros
1 scotch bonnet
1 paper lantern
1 carrabean red (on the larger side)

....and finally

2 big sun....one was a whopping 30 gram and is the biggest habanero I have ever seen I am really looking forward to cooking this beast of a chillie and the smell is immense

I grow chillies and have a decent crop this year yet I buy these as there the real McCoy, good professionals at work bringing the best as usual
My bag in 2016 contained:

Fatalii x3
Big Sun Habanero x2
Paper Lanterns x5
Orange Habanero x2
Chocolate Habanero x2

A good mix! ☺️
The Orange Habaneros that I was sent were high quality and fresh.
Judging by the heat level and quality these have been made by Professional growers. 10/10
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