A bowl of cooked Pimientos de Padron peppers

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Pimientos de Padron (150g)



Heat of Product : Mild

Pimientos de Padron pepper - Picked and shipped the same day so they are always very fresh.

Note - These fruits are a new 'Devon' Padron this year - same great taste, but lighter green and milder when large.

This is the Spanish delicacy often served in Tapas bars. These are picked immature and green, and usually fried in olive oil and sea salt. Tradition says that one in 30 is a hot one (Please note that we can not guarantee that each pack will contain a hot chilli, nor can we guarantee that there will not be hot chillies in the pack. We do pick what we hope will be mild chillies). Normally available Mid July to the end of November. NEW  'HOT' option available - see bulk option below.

Recipe: As a starter, half-a-dozen fruits per person. Heat a heavy frying pan with a little oil, throw the peppers in (with stalks on) and keep them moving to blister and soften on all sides. Sprinkle with sea salt, and serve immediately - just pick them up by the stalk and enjoy!

The number of fruits per 150g will vary with the season between about 10 and 25.

Heat: Sweet to Hot! (New 'Hot' pack option available)

Weight:  approx 12 fruits per 150g

Flavour: nutty when cooked

Notes: Sold green.

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The "Hot" variety were waxy, pale and tough enough not to soften up when fried. They neither tasted nor looked like actual Padrons and were a real dissapointment, even if some of them were pretty hot.
Bring on the Padron Pepper Season, I can't wait to start making Tapas with those beauties!
Keep up the fabulous work guys! x.
Fantastic product - cook as described for the perfect starter or snack.
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