An abundance of Ring of Fire chillies

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Ring of Fire (8 fruits)



Heat of Product : Hot

Ring of Fire chillies are a Cayenne-type. They are normally available from June to December and are the best source of early season heat. Chop them into curries or Thai dishes.

Recipe: Very finely chop and add to your own curry spice mix or lift the heat of a pre-made curry paste.

Heat: HOT

Weight: 8 Fruits are approximately 58g

Notes: Usually sold green, but could be red later in the season.

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Order these chillies came the next day again second to none service from SDCF.
added one of these to my pestal&mortar
mashed and added to a curry,

these chillies are that fresh there is no need for you to buy any from any supermarket.

Aslo snacked one of these the heat is a fast acting hitting your gums and bridge of mouth, last maybe a minute but the taste is what keeps you coming back for more
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