Bhut Jolokia chilli powder

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Bhut Jolokia powder (1kg - Imported)



Heat of Product : Extremely Hot

Bhut Jolokia (aka. Naga or Ghost) is an Extremely HOT chilli with a fruity, smokey flavour.

Use very sparingly - handle with care and wash hands after use. Take care not to inhale or get in the eyes - you may want to consider our chilli handling kit with this one!

Extreme Heat: 11/10.

Packaged in resealable foil pack to maintain freshness and prevent light degradation.

Contents: 1 kg Imported Bhut Jolokia powder 

Must be cooked before eating.

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Hi guys, just wanted to say thankyou for my recent order, I have been striving for the last 15 years to create the ultimate curry and your products have helped me achieve what I think is perfection.
Many thanks
I have purchased 2 packs of these and they are very hot, when you open the pack the smell and heat heat hits you making you sneeze and your nose to burn also eyes to water, should have a skull and cross bones on the packet. The taste and heat it brings to food is brilliant, when we have a take a way I always put a tablespoon or more on it, it may burn b
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