Chipotle Morita

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Chipotle Morita (Imported chillies)



Heat of Product : Medium

The 'Morita' Chipotle [chee-POT-lay] is a smoked  and dried Jalapeno chilli and is the type of Chipotle most commonly found in the United States. Chipotles are usually rehydrated and added to a sauce, stew or salsa.

These Chipotle Morita chillies are just over 2" long and just over 1" wide and a deep red colour.

Contents: 30g bag - approximately 6 chillies.Heat: 6/10  Flavour: Smokey and Fruity.

Must be cooked before eating.

See our own Morita grown and smoked on the farm here.

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These are one of my favourite chillies to cook with, lovely smokey flavour with a nice amount of heat.
I always have these in the cupboard and I don't cook chilli without adding at least one.
Best ever Chipotle taste and back ground heat Awesome makes the best bean chilli ever
Just ordered another 4 bags South Devon Chilli farm is the best find I have made on the internet all year
Just totally awesome!! Buy some, now!!! Do it:) I can't have beef chilli without adding one of these little beauties - adds a long, deep, smokey & incredible rich flavour & aroma..... yum.
Purchased four bags of these to make about 1 litre of chipotle en adobo and have to say they are some of the best I've ever had. Great smoky flavour/aroma and nice little kick of heat. Highly recommended.
the Chipotle smoked chillis are the best i've had outside south american, a perfect balance of smokey and spicey - they get used as often as possible!!
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