Aleppo Flakes

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Dried Aleppo Chilli Flake Mix - 70g Pouch (Imported)



Heat of Product : Mild to Medium

Imported Chillies

Aleppo is a Turkish/Syrian chilli pepper, named after the Syrian town on the Silk Road spice route. It is also know as Pul biber.

The Aleppo chillies are semi-dried, crushed with salt into rough flakes and oiled to give a mild/medium heat with a fruity, tangy flavour. 

Great for sprinkling on anything and everything!  Used by Nigella in her Turkish eggs recipe and many others.

Ingredients: 88% chilli, 4% salt, 8% sunflower oil

Contents: 70g in Pouch (ideal as a refil for the round jar pinch pot or gift kilner)

Heat: 3/10

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