Dried Bhut Jolokia, Devon Grown

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Dried Ghost / Bhut Jolokia Chillies (SDCF chillies)



Heat of Product : Extremely Hot

South Devon Chilli Farm Chillies

Very, very hot and fruity, these chillies are grown and dried on our farm and retain their vibrant orange/red colour. 

Aka, Ghost chilli or Naga chilli. 

We recommend taking precautions when handling them: avoid contact with eyes, wear gloves at all times when handling and wear a dust/vapour mask if you are grinding or rehydrating and reducing to a paste. See our Chilli Handling kit on our gifts page

Part of our Super extreme heat range, also available in a Glass Storage Jar and as a Ghost chilli sauce.

10g Bag (around 10 chillies). 

Must be cooked before eating.

Heat: 10/10 (They have been measured at just over 1million Scoville Units)

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I ordered ghost chillies the flavour and heat were good but the colour of them was brown maybe it’s natural for them to turn that colour. Iwill be making another order cheers guys
I bought some of these on my last visit to the farm. They're great for grinding to make a pizza sprinkle like you get on the table at a certain well known pizza chain when you dine in except this sprinkle has extra heat. The great thing about buying these dried chillis is that they keep longer than fresh chillis and sauces or pastes made with fresh chilli yet they retain the heat and flavour so you can always have great quality chilli to hand for those all important spicy dishes instead of having to resort to cheap low quality powders or sauces from the supermarket full of preservatives and other added rubbish.
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