Farm Shop

The shop  is currently open 5 days a week, Monday – Friday from 10am – 4pm!

The café will remain closed for the time being but you are welcome to bring a picnic to the beautiful site for a family day out.

We look forward to welcoming you to the South Devon Chilli Farm!

Open All Year Round, Monday to Friday from 10.00am - 4pm (check our social media for news on extended summer opening hours)


products on shelves and taster bolws at the South Devon Chilli Farm shop  Chilli Sauces, Preserves and Chilli Chocolates

When you visit our shop you will be warmly welcomed and invited to sample all of our delicious chilli goodies, all made with chillies grown here at the farm. We make all of our products on-site at the farm and on some days you will be greeted by wonderful aromas from our production kitchen, before you even enter the building! We have free samples, permanently on offer to all visitors.

We suggest you start sampling with our mild range which includes our famously addictive, Chilli Jam as well as Chilli Chutney, Thai sauce, Chipotle sauce and Chilli Chocolates. Once you have adjusted to the heat, you can go on to sample our hotter sauces such as Habanero sauce, Aji Sauce, Jalapeno sauce and Ring of Fire Sauce. Finally if you are brave enough you can try the Extreme Bhut Jolokia (aka. Ghost or Naga chilli sauce and get a sticker to prove you survived the experience!


Fresh Chillies

A basket of freshly picked chillies

In the summer months, we sell fresh chillies in a range of heats and many unusual varieties that you won't find in the supermarket - over 40 different varieties to choose from!

Our fresh chilli season usually starts in June, right up until November - all picked fresh. Try our Padron peppers as a starter during the summer! We also sell our fresh chillies online for shipping on the same day they are picked.

Dried Chillies 

We have a selection of chillies that we have dried here on the farm and a selection of Mexican and Indian imported chillies. 

Chilli gift ideas at the South Devon Chilli FarmGifts

We have a lovely selection of gifts, including: pottery, books, tee shirts, jewellery and gift hampers. As you might guess, most of our gift items have a chilli theme - and why not! 

Most of our own products are also available in gift packaging to make the perfect gift for a chilli-fan when you return from your holiday (see our gift selection here). 

We also have chilli wrapping paper and chilli gift cards to complete the present.


Inside the Chilli Plant Nursery

Seeds, Seedlings and Plant Sales

If you want to grow your own chillies at home, we have a large selection of chilli seeds (over 50 varieties to choose from).

You can buy chilli seedlings and plants from our Plant Nursery, usually available from March to October. Most of the plants are perfect for a windowsill or a greenhouse and even outdoors in Summer. 

You can wander through our Chilli Plant Show Tunnel, usually open from late May to December (please call to check before you set off)  

 The plants will be in full colour from July/August.

We all love talking about chillies and are happy to pass on our knowledge about growing chillies; there is always someone in the shop or plant nursery to chat to about the chillies you grow and to pass on hints and tips.



Chilliometer graphic
Chilli Knowledge and Know-how

During your visit to the farm shop, we hope to introduce you to the fascinating world of chillies and inspire you to try new flavours and to have a go at growing your own chillies.

As well as the products available for tasting, we have lots of information boards around the shop and our friendly team are always on hand to impart their knowledge and experience. We also have recipe sheets to take home.

For example, you might be interested to find out where chillies come from, how the heat of a chilli is measured or how to grow chillies at home.

We have put together some quiz sheets for our younger visitors and there is a fun quiz for all ages in our Show Tunnel (usually open from: May to Dec).

Outside the farm shop, throughout the chilli growing season, you can see first hand how chillies are grown and the wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours of different kinds of chilli.

Dogs Welcome

Please Note: Dogs are not allowed in the Farm Shop but are welcome in the outside areas, including the Plant Nursery, Show Tunnel and undercover eating area. 


What Some of our Visitors have said .....

"Despite living only about 15miles away we hadn't visited here before. After parking the car in the free car park we walked to the entrance and the most wonderful aroma of chutney greeted us. It was great to find out no admission charge. After visiting the show tunnel and seeing many dozens of beautiful different chilli plants. We went for a lovely walk on the nature trail. looking across the beautiful tranquil South Hams countryside. A visit to the shop and sampling different sauces and chutneys persuaded us to purchase a couple of plants and other things.Staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. A visit here is a must for all chilli lovers."

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